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Free Cooking Class With Chef Gregory Goldberg Featured

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Chef Gregory M Goldberg has deep roots in the French Culinary traditions, having graduated from the Culinary Institute of America . Chef Goldberg has always been fascinated by crossing culinary boundaries whether by technique, ingredients, or both. This curiosity has led him to some of the best kitchens, such as Second Empire, in the area. With his restaurant, Uninhibited Tapas, Chef Goldberg has a venue in which to explore the culinary concept of being uninhibited — where there is no genre and no boundaries to the creations emerging from the kitchen. A 15 year veteran of teaching in kitchens everyday he is proud to bring his extensive knowledge and skills to you and your family right in your very home. -------- Chicken parmesan and Caesar salad Ingredients:-------- 2 cups flour 6-8 eggs 1 lbs of medium sized chicken breasts 2 cups bread crumbs unseasoned 2 sprigs Fresh basil 2, 32 oz cans of plum tomatoes 6-8 cloves of garlic or about 1 head 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil 6 oz parmesan cheese block or shredded or ground 8 oz mozzarella block or shredded 1 sprig fresh parsley Salt Pepper Granulated garlic 1 qt of canola or vegetable oil to fry 1 cup olive oil 1 lbs of dry pasta 1 table spoon butter 1-2 anchovies (if desired) Red wine vinegar 1/4 loaf of bread for croutons Ice cream -------- Equipment:-------- Utility or chefs knife Tongs that are heat resistant Paper towels to blot excess oil Large Cutting board Box grater if you purchased parmesan or mozzarella in block form 1 large saute pan preferably 12” 2 large sauce pots 3 bowls or large containers with sides for the breading. 1 for flour, 1 for beaten eggs, and one for bread crumbs. 2 sheet trays or cookie trays. 1 to place breaded raw chicken on and one to place cooked chicken on before we bake it. Large plates can be used as a substitute for the raw placement container. 2 cooking spoons to stir sauce and pasta Colander to drain pasta 1 Whisk 1 Potato masher or second whisk