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Testimonial 2

"My student is now a Blue Belt in the ACTIVSTARS program, he started out SHY and nervous to do Karate, but now he is so proud to put his GI on, it makes me worry less about his safety and knowing he has been given great leadership and confidence skills reassures me that I have him in the right program."

— Lawrence Hilltop


Testimonial 1

"At the cheer showcase, we just attended, EVERYONE got a large trophy! I was so surprised to see that the focus was truly on the "performance" and opportunity for the students, not on COMPETITION! My daugher had a great time and although did not place 1st, she left feeling like a WINNER!

— Joy Smith, Glendale


About Us

Welcome to Champions in Motion!

Champions in Motion is engaged in the instruction and training of cheerleading and karate/martial arts for the active youth of America. In the 1950's Bonnie Hood had a dream to offer quality and accessible youth programs for young Americans. Unaware at the time, when Mrs. Hood began teaching baton classes to school age boys and girls, she started a family tradition. As she continued to teach, her quality instruction produced outstanding students and soon she gained interest from other children, including her own children. Mrs. Hood's class enrollment grew rapidly and sculpted the foundation of her organization. Currently, Mrs. Hood's children are carrying her tradition into the twenty-first century. Champions in Motion takes pride in offering the best possible quality youth oriented programs for all young Americans. Champions in Motion will continue to bring the highest quality instruction in the future! Plans are constantly underway for expansion and development. All Champions in Motion Instructors/coaches are hired locally within the community where the classes are being held. All instructors/coaches are screened and fingerprinted for extensive background and reference checks. They then attend an in-house training session learning Champions in Motion safety procedures, rules and regulations, teaching techniques and curriculum.


Why Champions in Motion?

Champions in Motion is committed to making the difference in the lives of children by providing youth programs, which develop skills for life! Champions in Motion take pride in offering the highest quality youth programs at the lowest possible cost while giving back to our communities, nationwide. Our programs are taught by skilled professionals with a strong knowledge and expierience in their respective sports. Our instructors are highly qualified teachers dedicated to bringing out the best in their students through dynamic and exciting programs which inspire youth and provide enduring life skills. Champions in Motion' programs also offer competition opportunities at regional, state, national and in some sports international levels, all intended to forge experienced competitors and create lifetime memories. Through these events, students can gain valuable experiences focused on the positive elements of teamwork, performance, determination and self growth.




Job Opportunities

Due to an increased demand for additional programs, Champions in Motion is always providing employment opportunities. If you know of any dynamic individuals who would be interested in filling these openings, please give us a referral.

Instructors and Coaches: Self-Defense, Cheer, and Hip Hop. A rewarding opportunity exists for talented individuals who would like to be an Instructor/Coach.  They are needed to teach at various locations throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia.  All Instructors and Coaches must follow the Champions in Motion Curriculum guidelines and be able to interact with students and parents, and enjoy doing so.  All instructors and Coaches receive additional training on how to instruct and coach youth.  Karate instructors must have attained a Black Belt rank; Cheer coaches must have cheer and dance experience; Hip Hop instructors must have experience in choreography and hip hop.

Locations: If you know of any large, empty rooms that could be utilized for Champions in Motion classes, please advise us.  We have urgent need for more locations in which to hold our classes.  This area may be a gym, school cafeteria, church meeting room, etc.  We provide insurance and our own equipment.

Contact Us: Please contact us if you have questions or comments.
Champions in Motion



Contact Us

Champions in Motion
1310 SE Maynard Road
Suite 204
Cary NC 27511

Phone: (919) 535-8304
Fax: (919) 535-8314



Finance and Accounting office This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Operations Department and Events/Facility Management :This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Karate Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hiring Manager: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Cheer Director: Heather Fahnrich


Scholarship Request

Making a Difference


Champions in Motion, INC.

 Scholarship Application

Be it known that Champions In Motion, Inc.  is an organization that provides children’s youth programs at an affordable cost. However, there may be instances when a child cannot participate in a Champions In Motion program due to extreme financial difficulty. Since Champions In Motion concerns itself with the well-being of children, scholarships may become available to a child if Champions In Motion deems it necessary.

If approved, scholarships are provided once per semester year. There is no guarantee that your student will be approved for a scholarship (full or partial), or that ALL children in the same family will be approved. Champions In Motion is limited on the number of scholarships that we are able to grant so scholarships will be given on a first come, first served basis.

Scholarship applications will be open from one week before the class start date until the third week of class. After that date, scholarship applications will be closed for that semester. When applying for a scholarship, please ensure that all the information on the application is filled out correctly and that you submit all the applicable forms with the application. If you do not send in all the appropriate forms with your application, then your application will not be processed.

If the class you would like to attend has started and your scholarship application has not yet been processed if you would like to still participate in the class, be advised that even though your scholarship is pending you will still have to pay the registration fee and the class fees. If your scholarship is approved after you have already been attending the class, Champions In Motion will not reimburse you for the class fees that you have already paid.

If approved for a scholarship, be advised that the scholarship will only cover the weekly class fees. Champions In Motion Scholarships do not include (unless noted) registration fee, testing/tryout fee, merchandise, sparring (karate), or events.

In order to apply for a Champions In Motion Scholarship please fill out the application form below and fax it along with all other documents listed to:

Champions In Motion Scholarship Department; Fax number: 919 535 8314, or you can mail it to:

Champions In Motion Scholarship 1310 Maynard Rd Suite 204


Program Information

Weekly Check-in and Payment

All parents must check in their student each week!

Cash Payment - Please have your class fees ready each week for class. If possible, please arrive with exact amount. Not all locations have the correct amount of change every week.

Check Payment - No checks accepted!

Prepaid - Students who prepay for the entire semester will receive a “receipt” at the time of registration indicating a full payment has been made.  This receipt should be kept in a safe place for the duration of the session as “verification” that a full semester payment had been made in case there are any discrepancies.  If your student is prepaid, you will still need to sign them in each and every week of class on the sign-in sheets located at the check-in-table.

Importance of "signing-in" your student:  Parents are required to sign-in their student by 1) bubbling in “present” next to students name 2) signing (parent signature) and writing the amount paid - attendance sheets are located by the check-in table.  Students cannot sign themselves in for class - a parent or guardian must be present because a parent signature is required – this is for the benefit of your child’s safety!

Make-up Classes

We know that there may be times when your child can not attend class.  Missed classes,  can be made up by attending two classes back-to-back (their regular class and the class either before or after their regular class).  Make-up classes must be pre-paid or paid the day the make-up is done.

Please inform the class secretary at the check-in table that your child will be taking (2) classes. Don’t forget to explain to your child when they are doing a make up class.

Perfect Attendance

All missed classes must be made up BEFORE belt rank testing (martial arts) or the last day of class.  Students without perfect attendance will receive a certificate and medal. Students may make the classes up the following semester, and test before the next scheduled test.

Your Child's Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Please, physically walk your child to and from the facility and teaching area; we do not want children going outside alone. Do not drop off your child and drive away without first ensuring that the classroom is open and the instructor is present. It is required that you, as parent or guardian, sign your child in every week so that accurate perfect attendance records can be kept!

If you wait in your car during your child’s class, please come inside 10 minutes prior to the end of class to walk your child out to your car. Please explain to your child the he/she is required to wait in our holding area, until you pick them up after class. All students are required to wait in a holding area, students will not be allowed to leave or wait outside!

PLEASE be on time for pick-up! Instructors will not tolerate parents who abuse this rule.

Refund Policy

We do not give refunds for prepaid students. Registration fees and classes already taken will not be refunded.  For Merchandise:    NO REFUNDS  Exchanges may be considered if we are notified WITHIN 7 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF ITEM, if you wish to make an exchange. Notify us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Exchanges will ONLY be granted if the product is returned in its original packaging, unused with tags on.

Class Communication

Champions in Motion communicates with parents and students through written communication such as notes and fliers regarding upcoming events, class cancellations, etc. Champions in Motion will also communicate with parents through email, text messaging and our Facebook page.


Parent Helpers and Spectators

We take great steps to provide the safest, uninterrupted learning environment for your child.  Parents are invited to watch the first lesson and the awards program.  Spectators are discouraged during regular classes as children get easily distracted and may not focus on the instructor’s instructions.  An environment with minimal distractions provides a better learning atmosphere. Please respect our “no spectator rule”.

To prevent unwanted guests and strangers in the classroom, Champions in Motion, our sponsors, and facilities require everyone to sign-in on the forms provided. Parents are encouraged to volunteer as “Parent Helpers”.  Volunteers are needed in each class to assist the instructor.  Parents, when volunteering as helpers please read and sign the Parent Helper Sign-In Sheet located by the check-in table. 

Parent Helpers Guidelines

If you sign in as a Parent Helper, then you will be required to assist with class.  Parent Helpers are not allowed to sit down and merely observe the class.  If we allow this then other parents will view this as unfair. Due to facility size constraints, instructors reserve the right to limit the number of parent helpers needed. All PArent helpers must fill out all necessary paper work and be approved by the Champions in Motion Office.

  1. Please do not bring other children to class!
  2. Parent Helpers at no time may discipline students, always alert the Instructor to problems.  ALWAYS BE COURTEOUS & POLITE WHEN TALKING WITH STUDENTS & PARENTS.
  3. Please use a calm and reassuring tone of voice while talking to students.
  4. Use positive reinforcement towards students. Example “Good job, you’re doing very well!” Never “belittle a student.”
  5. Parent Helpers must always go in pairs when escorting students to bathrooms, and must wait outside the door. If no other Parent Helpers are available, have the class secretary or advanced student assist you. Parent Helpers are not allowed to enter the restroom with the students.
  6. Please be as quiet as possible during class; noisy helpers will be asked to wait outside.
  7. Parent Helpers at no time may get into instructor’s inventory, drop box, or class roster book. See instructor for assistance.
  8. Please dress in appropriate clothing to assist class. Example, do not wear bikini tops, mini skirts, t-shirts with foul language, etc.  Tennis shoes are highly recommended.

Helpful tasks to assist instructor

  1. Guard all exits, do not allow students to leave the facility unless with a parent or guardian.
  2. Keep a helpful eye on students in class, look for students who may have to use the bathroom or who may be getting sick.  Watch for dangerous situations and advise the instructor immediately.
  3. Help with lining up students and preparing students for class.
  4. Watch instructor’s teaching gear and belongings.
  5. Help instructor to keep facility clean and put back into order at the end of class.
  6. Help with holding body shields, etc.


Code of Conduct & Facility Rules

We would like the support of everyone involved with our organization in following a few simple rules, which our staff will enforce, and are required by the schools or facilities where we teach.

  • All school facilities require a smoke-free environment.  Please do not smoke while on school or other facility grounds.
  • Anyone on facility grounds while our programs are being taught who is suspected of consuming or being under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants will be asked to leave.  If he/she refuses to do so, the authorities will be called.
  • All facilities require that our instructors leave the teaching area and restrooms in the exact condition in which they were found.  If these areas are left dirty or damaged in any way, our programs could be canceled.  Please assist us in keeping our teaching facilities clean by stressing the importance of this to your child.
  • Please help us monitor by notifying the instructor if anyone is being destructive to the facility.  Please keep close tabs on your children.  Do not let them be in or around the facility without adult supervision.
  • All facilities require that parents of students remain in designated teaching areas.  Wandering around the facility is NOT permitted.
  • When bringing your child to class - arrive ONLY 10-minutes before your scheduled class time.
  • Park in designated parking areas.  Parking in fire lanes may result in your car being ticketed or possible loss of facility use entirely!
  • Pets, food and drink (except water) are not allowed in the facility (there are NO exceptions).
  • If the Coach requests spectators to wait outside due to lack of space or distractions, please respect his/her wishes.
  • Please encourage good sportsmanship and demonstrate positive support for all students, coaches, and officials at every class and event.


Thank you for your cooperation.


Karate / Martial Arts

karate boy 02Champions in Motion has developed one of the most exciting and comprehensive martial arts systems, specialized for teaching children and teens. Champions in Motion has incorporated the most effective defense techniques from many martial art systems with a comprehensive safety awareness and anti-bullying lessons to present an unparalleled curriculum for our students.


Champions in Motion also differentiates itself from other martial art organizations by offering the premier A-Z Abduction Prevention Program, S.A.F.E. (Safety Awareness for Everyone) SHIELD.  S.A.F.E. SHIELD is designed to teach students and families vital skills to protect (shield) them from unforeseen dangers of today's society.  We are continually researching and formulating the most effective martial arts skills and safety information to offer the most up-to-date courses available.  Although child abductions are rare, we feel it only takes one, and one is too many!

Anti-Bullying Program

We also offer the Champions in Motion Anti-Bullying Program.  This program prepares our students mentally by creating the "Mind of a Black Belt", effectively teaching our students to better prepare and handle a verbal attack from a bully.  We provide anti-bullying guides for both parents and students and reinforce our lessons through the use of engaging role play in our classes.

Extending Beyond the Classroom

Students are also taught awareness about their environment; safety measures against drugs and/or gangs; water and fire safety, as well as promoting respect for others, doing well in school, obeying parents, and being a good citizen. Our students are also taught verbal and life skills to reinforce good citizenship and family values. Students will be given assignments based on their lessons, and will have the opportunity to earn ribbons for their efforts. Many parents have commented on their child’s improved social interaction and academic performance.

CKaratelasses/Levels Offered

Regular/Normal Martial Arts Class: 
Instruction Time: 40 - 45 minutes
Cost:  $9.00 per week
Extended Martial Arts Class:
Instruction Time:  60 minutes
Cost:  $12.00 per week










Rank Philosophy

Champions in Motion philosophy for teaching belt ranks is divided into three phases (Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced). Beginner ranks include white thru green w/blue stripe belts; Intermediate ranks include blue thru purple w/ orange stripe belts; High or Advanced ranks includes orange belts & above.

The primary objective for beginner rank students is to teach safety awareness and basic self-defense techniques. The secondary objective for beginner students is to teach the formal aspects of martial arts such as basic techniques (strikes, kicks, blocks, stances). Perfection of techniques is not required for promotional testing of beginner ranks. Teaching children how to stay safe in today’s world is the objective.

At intermediate ranks, the primary objective becomes improving basic techniques such as kicks, blocks, strikes, and defense against grabs and other attacks. Basic kata knowledge, beginning one step skills, improved concentration, and a greater demonstration of martial arts discipline are expected at this level also.

The primary objective for advanced rank students is to enforce the formal aspect of the martial art; blocks, kicks, strikes, stances, kata, self-defense techniques, one-steps, sparring, martial art etiquette, and discipline. The secondary objective for high ranking students is reviewing safety awareness topics. Promotional testing for high ranking students is based upon effectively demonstrating proper technique and form of the primary objectives.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Students may only have one absence in order to test for rank promotion.

Rank Promotion

At the end of each semester, students are evaluated on the techniques and skills they have learned. Students then advance to the next belt rank. The advancement fee is $12.00 plus the class fee. The fee is for testing only; belts and awards will be awarded free of charge. (Most karate studios charge anywhere from $30 to $150.) The normal lesson fee is still required the day of testing. Rank requirements will be passed out during the semester by the instructor. It may take several semesters to pass from level one to the next colored belt. Due to varying semester lengths (such as summer) instructors may only be able to teach a percentage of the required curriculum.

Champions in Motion Karate Tournament

All Champions in Motion Karate students are invited to attend and compete in the Champions in Motion Karate Tournament to be held later in the semester. The tournament is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun! Events will be split according to age, size and/or belt rank, depending on the event. White belts may participate in many events and are strongly urged to attend! Everyone is a winner! All students participating in the tournament will receive a participation trophy. There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Tournament. This helps pay for the cost of the facility, awards, and staff.


As students advance in rank they are taught sparring and katas. Sparring is light-contact controlled fighting, which is highly recommended for students advancing in Champions in Motion. Students will learn how to use their techniques in actual self-defense and sport scenarios. Actual self-defense scenarios include how to defend against a multi-person attack, and defending against various other attacks. Sport scenarios include tournament preparation, competition rules & regulations, and sportsmanship.

All students participating in sparring must have the following gear: Hand Pads, Foot Pads, Mouth Piece, Cup & Support (males).


Katas (also called forms) are pre-arranged martial arts techniques combined together in a floor pattern designed to represent fighting off imaginary attackers. As students progress they will be taught bunkai, the practical application, of the kata.


For Class, students are asked to wear our karate uniform or comfortable, loose clothing such as shorts or sweatpants.  Students are encouraged to have a karate uniform, which provides comfort and freedom of movement. No dresses, street shoes, jewelry, or gum chewing is allowed in class.




Cheerleading Program

Promoting good sportsmanship and SPIRIT, students will also have the opportunity to participate in Champions In Motion Special Cheer Events.

Champions In Motion combines Pom dance and Cheerleading into one program.  Students are taught cheerleading techniques such as short chants, arm motions, jumps, kicks and stunting techniques.  Students are also taught a special long team performance cheer and cheer dance routine (with use of poms) each semester that is presented by each team at the Cheer Showcase.  We have incorporated the most modern and current dance techniques into our curriculum, and developed teaching methods that work best for children and teens.  Cheerleading is a TEAM-ORIENTED sport and we encourage students to demonstrate teamwork, sportsmanship and dedication to being part of the team while participating in our program.


Showcase of the Stars - “Special Events”

Fall & Spring/Winter Semesters ONLY!  All Champions In Motion Cheer students are invited to attend and showcase their skills in the Champions In Motion Showcase of the Stars Preliminary Cheer Event (not required) to be held towards the end of our semester (date TBA).  The event is a great learning experience for all students as it promotes competitive spirit, self-confidence and fun!  Students will perform with their team, competing with other teams (from alternate locations) of the same basic age and skill level.  All participants will receive a collectible trophy and an achievement medal. Teams that attend the Preliminary Event  will have an opportunity to perform again at the Tri-State Cheer Competition. (date TBA) There will be a nominal fee to participate in the Preliminary & Competition events, paid for at the event upon registration or pre-registration is avaialble online. These event fees help cover the cost of the facility, awards, staff, judges and other expenses.  Uniforms are also required to attend these events! 

Summer Showcase

Every Summer we hold a SPECIAL Summer Cheer Dance Showcase - there are NO team placements, however, a participation award is given to each student.  The event is a lot of fun for the students!  Details will be handed out at practice regarding the event!

Practice Times and Fees

Champions In Motion Coaches assign team practice times based on students’ ages and abilities.  Champions In Motion has Seven team levels.  As students’ progress, the practice time duration and cost will increase.

Students ages 4-6 - Level 1: 45 Minute practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 7-9 - Level 2: 45 Minute practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Students ages 10-18 - Level 3: 45 hour practice = $9.00 Practice Fee
Tryout Teams (Levels 4,5,6 and 7): 1-2 hour practice: 1 hour = $12.00 Practice Fee; 1.5 hours = $15 Practice Fee; 2 hours = $20 practice fee.
Please arrive 10-minutes early each week for check-in.


Champions In Motion merchandise is purchased at wholesale prices and the savings are passed on to you.  All items can be ordered online. The uniform prices listed on the website are subject to change at the discretion of CIM. Please note when ordering deadlines are imposed, an upcharge will be added to each uniform item. This information is routinely posted on our facebook page and distributed to classes through the coach.

REQUIRED ITEMS:  Pom are required in this program (students participating in the Preliminary Events/Competitions are required to purchase and use the Champions In Motion metallic team-level poms).  Mark your child’s poms for identification.  We are not responsible for lost poms.  Do not leave our poms in the heat or sunlight as this will damage them.  There are no refunds for poms.  Uniforms are required for Events & Competitions.     

POM COST:  The Beginner team poms are $18.00 per set, the All Star Team poms are $26.00 per set.

~All poms are purchased directly at practice or our online store.

POM TAGS:  We also are proud to offer our Champions In Motion "Pom Tags" to our students to label and personalize their poms.  This is ideal for weekly team practices because at times the poms can be mixed with other students and for identification purposes our tags are ideal. 

CHEER TEAM UNIFORMS:  Cheer uniforms are required (per team) for students to wear if they wish to participate in Champions In Motion special events such as PRELIMINARIES & COMPETITION – these are required so that the performers match and look like a united, uniformed TEAM!  Attendance at these events is NOT required to participate in our program; we do recommend that students take advantage of these opportunities as they are FUN and REWARDING experiences for our cheer students.



Level 1 Uniform 

Vest:                       $50.00

Skirt:                       $40.00 Level 1

Total:      $90














Level 2 Uniform

Vest:          $55.00

Skirt            $40.00LEvel 2

Total: $95    















Level 3 Uniform

Vest                 $55.00

Artboard 1


Skirt                 $50.00

Total: $105












Level 4 Nationals Uniform

Vest:                                   $75.00

Skirt:                                   $60.00

CIM uniform2


TOTAL:     $135



LEVEL 5& 6 National Team Uniform

Vest:                                   $100.00

Skirt:                                                 $50.00

TOTAL:     $150

CIM level 5 and 6

















Nationals Boy Uniform

Top:                         $50.00

Pants:                      $30

CIM boy uniform

TOTAL:        $80





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