Monday, 10 September 2018 21:03

CIM Weather Hotline Featured

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From the desk of Rock Hood, CEO
Parents, Registration week is here. Unfortunately it looks like we will have some company in the way of a hurricane. Registration will be open for several more weeks so don't panic if you can't register this week! Call 919-535-8304 to get more updated information. As always stay safe!
Current Class Cancellations:
Monday 9/17 * High Point Cheer * Kannapolis Cheer * Jacksonville Cheer * Lillington Cheer * Rockingham Cheer * Fayetteville-Cliffdale Cheer
Tuesday 9/18 *Goldsboro Karate *Greenville Cheer (Registration Only) *Rockingham Cheer *Leland Cheer *Jacksonville Cheer
Wednesday 9/19 * Hope Mills Cheer (Registration Only) Jacksonville Karate
Thursday 9/20 *Jacksonville Tumbling *Leland Karate